Denver, Colorado 2017


Sharing some of my favorite memories from my Denver, Colorado road trip! Annnd my first vlog type, short YouTube video, link below.


Hey guys, I wanted to share some photos from our week-long post-graduation trip. Jonah took a bus from Austin, then we drove from Denton, Texas to Denver, Colorado and back! It was honestly the best trip I’ve been on in a long time. The point of the trip was to unwind, relax, and hang out together (Jonah and I) since school was finally over (and my undergraduate career literally over for me).

I also made a short video if you wanna see us playing with some geese at Washington park (my fist vlog!). Click on the image below for that. ALSO, if you want to know more details about where these pics took place, check out the list below.



Denver Vlog main pic
Watch it here!


A little Reason why I blog

I’m a mess. We are all little messes. Why are we constantly pretending otherwise?

I get tired of how we use the world in front of us. I get tired of the pressure society brings onto the individual. Individuals that wind up feeling not good enough in most aspects of their lives. The American way of Capitalistic consumerism is exhausting and addicting. Look, basically I’m saying, it’s okay to not be the perfect image that social media wants us to strive to be.

Personally, I’m annoyed at my personal lack of attention, and my inability to complete goals besides watch Netflix TV shows and work. There’s so many things that go through my head that make me feel like we are living life in a uselessly rigorous and traumatizing way. Because of this frustration, I’m trying to fuel my energy into something new, like this blog.

In real life and especially online, people live in fear of not being cool enough or accepted or being perfect. I’m here to say that guess what, you don’t need that pressure. No one’s as perfect as their blog or Instagram or whatever may seem. Let’s be real.

So on a lighter note, I’m sharing this because I want to, and that’s the goal of this blog. Share what I want when it comes to thoughts, images, and creations. Let others know hey it’s okay if your online persona isn’t perfect, nor is any one else’s! For example, I have edited this post MULTIPLE times. Anyways, hope you don’t mind my scatterbrain!