Seafoam my hamster

Meet my little roborovski hamster, Seafoam…



So.. this post made me realize I don’t have enough pictures of my ham-ham, I need to fix that! I have such an appreciation for my hamster Seafoam. She usually does her own thing, but will still enjoy petting (using one finger because she’s so small!). She’s my little friend that I can go to when I need some company. I’ve had her for almost a year now, and hamsters don’t live long so I’m determined about keeping her healthy.  The main reason I got a hamster was because she’s pretty easy to take care of and I don’t have to dedicate a decade or longer in taking care of her. I decided to share some photos of her so people can see how crazy small and cute she is.

She’s developed bald spots on her hind legs, which I think is a sign of aging, which I’ve learned to accept over time, but she still loves to run around especially right after I clean her cage and she’s got new fluff to play with. She doesn’t like a lot of the various toys I’ve tried over the months, but she LOVES food balls, which are various nuts and things stuck together.

I’m gonna continue trying to find ways to entertain her, if y’all have ideas, let me know!




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