kawaii japanese hamster stickers

I recently bought some stationary products from Kawaii Pen Shop including a 40 pcs Kawaii Japanese hamster stickers set! They're definitely my favorite thing I purchased so far so I thought I'd show them off a bit. There are several other hamsters that I still have to choose from for my journals or give to friends… Continue reading kawaii japanese hamster stickers


How to deal when you’re attacking yourself

This list is less about convincing your self you're not a terrible person and more about doing things that can help you calm down and perhaps eventually reflect on the reasons why you've wound up beating yourself up. Journaling Drawing, Bullet Journals, making lists, doodling, playing with pens or stickers or colors. Writing out your… Continue reading How to deal when you’re attacking yourself

Seafoam my hamster

Meet my little roborovski hamster, Seafoam...     So.. this post made me realize I don't have enough pictures of my ham-ham, I need to fix that! I have such an appreciation for my hamster Seafoam. She usually does her own thing, but will still enjoy petting (using one finger because she's so small!). She's… Continue reading Seafoam my hamster

Turner Falls Trip

I thought I'd talk a little about my recent trip 2 Sundays ago to Turner Falls Park, it's a smallish park in south Oklahoma. Since I was still living in Denton (moved back to Austin last Thursday!) I decided to go on this trip as kind of a last North Texas memory. I know my… Continue reading Turner Falls Trip